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Kuala Lumpar

November 7th

One day to 'do' Kuala Lumpar on my rapid tour of Malaysia. First headed to Mosjid Jamed, where I believe that some nice young lady tried to get me involved in some scam ('Where are you from ?', 'Oh my uncle is starting up a business there' 'Would you come to his house to talk to him about it ?') and then on to Merdeka Square


 Merdeka Square with KL Tower behind

and thence to the shopping area to buy some cheap software. The main shopping malls are much cheaper for software than the Chinatown market. I had a very nice lunch at Le Coq d'Or (I was splashing out by this point) and then a visit up the Petronas Towers which may or may not be the tallest building in the world


Petronas Towers, the world's tallest building ?


November 8th

Bus to Melaka (8RM), found a room close to the bus station in the Hong Kong hotel (25RM) and then set off to explore the town. The 'Beauty Museum' inside the Peoples Museum is very interesting. Tour of the old buildings, the Stadthuys, Christ Churn, Porta de Santiago, Kampung Kling mosque. I tried to go to the Sound and Light show in the evening but it didn't appear to be on


The Stadthuys

 Porta de Santiago

Christ Church

A windmill



November 9th

The last real day of my vacation. Got the bus to Singapore (13.75 RM), did some shopping - I got Game Boys for my nephews and then headed for the airport.


Raffles Hotel, Singapore


I got a flight to Bangkok where Thai airlines kindly put me up for the night in by far the best hotel that I stayed in on the trip.

November 10th

Woken much too early to be taken back to the airport. I had discovered the previous night that it was no longer possible to avoid the departure tax even when staying for less than 12 hours, therefore forked out the 500 Baht and spent the rest of my money in the duty free shop. The flight home didn't take quite as long as the flight to Asia but still took plenty long enough. Again there were stops in Tokyo and Los Angeles. I was back in Vancouver at about 5:00 p.m. and after a short wait in the bar, Jon came to pick me up, what a good chap.

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