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Cameron Highlands

November 4th

I was up early to go to the bus station top get the bus (18 RM) to Tanah Rata, the main town in the Cameron Highlands. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon, an hour or so late. The difference in temperature was obvious. For the first time in 2 months I was cool. I selected Daniels Lodge (20RM for a single room) to stay, and this proved a reasonably good choice. After grabbing something to eat I went for a walk on one of the shorter trails to Parit Falls. Here it started to rain quite hard (it made feel just like I was back home in Vancouver) so I sheltered in a small hut where I got talking with one of the local guides. When the rain eased off a bit I headed back to the guest house.

November 5th

I went on a guided walk provided free of charge by the guesthouse. This was on Trail 9/9A to Robinson Falls







Robinson Falls

In the afternoon I booked on a country tour (15RM) which included visits to a butterfly garden, a tea plantation (where I learnt more about tea than a man could possibly want to know), a bee farm and a fruit farm




Boh Tea Plantation

November 6th

Went for a morning trek on path 10 to Gunung Jasar




View from Gunung Jasar






and what tourist resort isn't complete without a red telephone box





and some giant fruit

In the afternoon I got the bus to Kuala Lumpar (13 RM) where I stayed in the Travellers Moon Lodge (25 RM) which would be OK if it weren't for the bed bugs.

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